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Your days of clicking around from site to site to monitor the results of your hard work are over.

Gain visibility to your metrics without learning a new software or hiring someone to build them internally. We build the dashboards, you keep doing what you do.


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Outsource your dashboard builds to us and you can focus on strategies and advice.

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DashMason takes the hassle out of building a dashboard from scratch, which ultimately speeds up the entire process, something everyone wants.

It's a brilliant service.

Bill Slaughter

Gaining the ability to see all of my data on a single screen and not having to open multiple screens (usually 6 or more) to view results, and check balances, has streamlined my workflows.

Jan Routh
Business Owner

Clean and easy to understand screens that were built faster and better than I could have done. Thank you!

James Dugan
EMBAR Capital

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No coding or technical know-how required on your part, we do it all for you.